2003 Spring Fling Marquee

Marquee at the Rich Forum, Stamford CT

Marquee at the Rich Forum, Stamford CT

I was going through some old photos that were given to me to archive and I came upon this one from 2003 Spring Fling. The Rich Forum was in full swing then with LAA Art shows, Music Cafe, Fringe Festival lots of fun regional goings-on. What will it be like now when Jerry Springer gets here?


3 Responses to “2003 Spring Fling Marquee”

  1. Susan McCaslin Says:

    This is so cool…and to think that it will soon say Jerry Springer! I hope one day we get this theatre back for some legit drama!

  2. alissa Says:

    let’s have the human drama which- face it folks, has a big audience-breathe some life into the joint. Even lowlife is life, and we need to draw attention to the venue, get people wondering about what COULD be happening there, and as day follows night, highbrow will follow low!

  3. Susan McCaslin Says:

    Yes, any theatre is better than no theatre but I miss what Jenny and George were doing. After George left that new director introduced more “rental” theatre and got rid of the experimental and community stuff. Maybe it was just a sign of the times. Maybe there was no money but if Jerry and Maury are going to bring in money, maybe we could ask for some edge back.

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